Zine Reviews: Riot Grrrl Reviews 2

Riot Grrrl Reviews 2
Compiled by Jolie Ruin

Riot Grrrl Reviews 2 is a black and white half-fold collab zine of reviews (music, beer, zines), interviews, art, and more.

Full disclosure: I contributed a couple of zine reviews to this zine.

Riot Grrrl Reviews 2 opens with a sad (to me) note about how this issue of the series will be the last. Alas, I think nearly everyone who has made a collab zine understands the frustrations and delays that can come along with the endeavour. (I type, remembering a piece or two I still owe others…)

The zine then launches into music and beer reviews by Gemma Mahadeo. I must admit that I immediately smiled seeing a fellow Australian in a US-based zine. The piece was a mix of beer review, a review of Men At Work’s album ‘Business as Usual’, and socio-political commentary – making a great opener for the zine.

Absolutely no one is surprised that I spent the most time pouring over the zine reviews (as if my wish list needs to get any longer). I was excited to find new-to-me zine recommendations and equally as excited to see zines I know and love being appreciated by other reviewers.

And yes, my wish list did grow a bit.

Three interviews – with Greta Moody, Jull Waldrep, and Tafanovaginite – make up the centre of this zine, creating the third ingredient in a lovely mix of pieces.

I quite like this zine am still sad to see the series end, but I’m glad I got the chance to be a part of it. I’m glad to have it as a part of my collection. (And I’m definitely getting issue 1.)

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