That After Festival of the Photocopier Glow

Hello, beautiful, wonderful zine friends! And welcome to new friends from Festival of the Photocopier as well as from the The Slubberdegullion Show on 4zzz in Brisbane!

Wanderer and I are back home safe and sound (not for lack of a few trying! look before you switch lanes is all I care to say…), and we are slowly catching up with everything that happened while we were away.


Festival of the Photocopier was amazing! And it was only possible for me to go thanks to the generosity of amazing zine friends. I really can’t thank you all enough.

There will definitely be videos to come of the event, but I’m still run a bit ragged after all the travel and only managed to get this far with my unpacking and reorganising of zine stock…

I do have some photos to share with you, however, should you care to have a peek and don’t want to wait until I get into video mode. I’ll stick them after the more tag.

Show lots of love to all the gorgeous Sticky Institute (Twitter)(Facebook) volunteers who are very likely still in need of lots of sleep after all the hard work.

Now for some photos!

Being able to meet Alex Wrekk of Portland Buttonworks was a big joy for me – especially as we got to hang out a bit before the fest got into swing. Alex was super nice – we introduced ourselves with names but also included our nervous habits haha – I got to check out her awesome bullet journal in person, and she ended up with ten of my bullet journal zines to distro!

Here’s photos of my zine haul. I didn’t get around to nearly as many tables as I would have liked, but I’ve already started arranging trades with people I missed. Hehe. So here’s some zine goodness for your eyes.

I pretty much wanted one of every single zine that Alex had on offer, but I restrained myself. A little. Haha. I *had* to get a ‘Witches Love Jars’ button and definitely had to pick up the first issue of Zine Crush, as it’s the only one I was missing!

Ania and Shamini were one of the tables across from my table at the festival and – fun fact – one of my favourite things to do at a zine fest is run around to all the nearby tables during quiet moments and trade/buy zines from everyone nearby. I picked up these lovelies and am so pleased. The top one has shiny, glittery paper.

What can I say? I’m a moth but for paper.

Tash of A Zine Thing and I were table buddies at an event years ago, and she is truly such a fun, wonderful person to be around. I spotted her from across the room and dropped what I’d been doing to go say hello.

We got into such a chat full of fun, laughs, and warm fuzzy moments. Definitely check out the work Tash does – not only her zines but teaching others about zines.

Sensitive Adult Daily is a longtime favourite of mine. I was two or so tables down from them at Festival of the Photocopier 2016, and many of us in that row were doing trades up and down the row. it was so much fun, and I fell in love with the little Sensitive Adult Daily business cards they had at that time. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Darcy and express my love for her zines.

Apples and Avery of The Chicken Collective are wonderful people, and I took full advantage of being sort of across the hall from them! I may have made more than one trip to their table to make sure I picked up all of the zines of theirs that I didn’t already have. Avery and I even got to chat about my favourite game: Don’t Starve!

I don’t know who made this one, but I hope they know how much I love it! I did wave across the walkway and say loudly how cute it is. We chatted a bit about doggos, and I love that they have made a mini-zine dedicated to dogs.

Of course, love doggos and cats. Next to the lovely maker of the dog minizine Dory Bean sat the creators of this super cute zine! Dory Bean is a lovely zine through and through. I’ll resist going into full review mode before I’ve had time to sit with it without distraction, but it’s lovely.

It was such a lovely surprise to see a new zine friend at the festival. JEM Hast had a beautiful smile from the get go, and we ended up doing so many trades! It was so much fun to chat while swapping zines.

Wolfram is someone I’ve been chatting online with for ages, so it was surreal to meet them and have a voice for the words! They took time away from their table to visit, swap zines, and even take some pictures with me. It was really brilliant to meet them.

Meeting Concrete Queers was a lovely surprise. I have heard a lot about their various projects in passing, and it was a pleasure to be able to pick up my very first issues of their work. I’m excited to dig in!

Melissa J Stewart is another person sitting across from the SGZ table, and I was curious about Melissa’s zines straight away. The red theme of their fest table and through all their zines was fabulous!

That’s my haul! I’m arranging for plenty of trades with people I missed meeting. I am so pleased to have met so many people. The whole zine fest was a fabulous experience, but I’ll go on about that soon!

Until next time…

3 Replies to “That After Festival of the Photocopier Glow”

  1. Ooh, it looks like you had such a great time! And so cool you got to meet Alex! (By the way, thank you for your latest Missives!! I’m sending my new zines to you asap!)


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