Zine Review: Zine in a Day Zine 1

Zine in a Day Zine 1
Warglitter Zines

Zine in a Day Zine 1 is a one-page folded black and white mini-zine about a mermaid who fell in love with a star.

There’s something about the unexpected phrase that gets me every time, so when I saw “Once upon a time, there was a moderately attractive mermaid” I couldn’t help but smile. ‘Moderately attractive’ caught my attention, that’s for sure, and that she fell in love with a star rather than a human? Well, of course I had to read on.

This amusingly lightly sarcastic tone continues through the short story. The words ‘bangin’ hot’ may have been used. The fun illustrations add to this but don’t betray the tone of the ending until it comes (so don’t flip through without reading it first!).

I must admit that I was a little nervous about the readability of not only handwriting but cursive handwriting, but I had absolutely no trouble reading it.

The story cumulates into a funny ending that had me chuckling and smiling.

I really enjoy Warglitter’s sense of humour, and I think you will, too. Check this one out.

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