Zine Review: How to Pat Cats: A Guide to Being a Feline Friend

How to Pat Cats: A Guide to Being a Feline Friend
Rebecca Sheedy

How to P at Cats: A Guide to Being a Feline Friend is an about 16cm x 7.5cm (a bit over 6 inches x 3 inches) full-colour comic about being a Feline Friend at the Animal Welfare League.

On four pages – each with three panels – Rebecca gives us a glimpse into being a Feline Friend volunteer at AWL. (The Animal Welfare League https://awl.org.au/ is an animal welfare and care provider.) From taking care of new arrivals to wanting to adopt cats every time they are volunteering, Rebecca packs a lot in their usual fun art style. A super cute style with the perfect amount of detail.

This is a lovely zine that makes me smile and feel good. What’s more is it also makes me want to check out local shelters to possibly volunteer at. I would absolutely love it if Rebecca made another zine on this topic with even more details about the ins and outs of volunteering at an animal shelter.

Grab a copy.

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