Guest Mini Zine Review: It’s Better Than Nothing

I’m Amber and I make zines under the name Amber is Blue. I’m writing a couple of mini zine reviews for Nyx while they’re unwell.

I’m a chronically ill artist and zine maker, most of my work focuses on my mental illnesses to show people in a relatable and accessible way what living with mental illness is really like and how specific symptoms impact everyday behaviours. Through my art I want to encourage people to look at mental illness without stigma. I’m also non-binary and so gender identity and expression also feature heavily in my work.

It’s Better Than Nothing by
Baby With a Nail Gun

It’s Better Than Nothing is a full colour mini zine by Baby With a Nail Gun/Ziggy.

This is a very special zine because the original was all hand embroidered, which is incredible. When looking at the zine you can really see the time and the work it took to create. All of Ziggy’s work is incredibly personal and touching, which is why I relate to it so much. This is one of those zines that you read and it makes you think: ‘I feel the exact same way, I just couldn’t put it into words’.

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