Zine Review: Lots of Little

Lots of Little
Sophie McPike

Lots of Little is an A6 black on cream paper collection of drawings.

Sometimes you just want something nice. Something that makes you smile and that you don’t have to think too hard about. This collection meets this desire wonderfully.

Lots of Little as a thick zine chock full of fun and cute (but not cutesy), drawings of bugs, flowers, trees, and other creatures. Some drawings are accompanied by handwritten text – usually a few words that go with the drawing. For example, “Little Friends of Fly” accompanies an assortment of bugs.

My two favourites are a trumpet filled with flowers, and a flower saying “Your emotional nature is strong and sensitive” to a snail. (I’d love to get the latter as a print because it speaks to me on so many levels.) Sophie’s art style falls comfortably somewhere in the realms of cute, fun, and – at times – amusingly bizarre. It makes for a zine that isn’t ‘too’ anything in particular – including not too happy and not too sad. (A peruse of Sophie’s site will give you a clear idea of the style found within this zine.)

Lots of Little is the kind of zine you can take as fast or slow as you want. A great zine companion for a lazy sunny afternoon or a quick trip on public transport. I appreciated the artistic wander through the loveliness and strangeness of nature.

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