International Zine Month Day 8 – Zine Recipe Day

Hello once again, dear zine friends! It’s another double-post day with it being Happy Mail Monday and all, but they both came together quite well this year…

For today’s activity, we cook with a recipe found in a zine!

In previous years, this day has been a bit of a mixed bag as far as having the time, energy, and ingredients to make a recipe found in a zine. The same goes for this year, too. I had good intentions, but filming and then editing Happy Mail Monday always takes the day and wears me out.

However, the timing was so utterly beautiful that I can’t resist spinning the activity just a little bit to put a spotlight on a specific zine that landed in the mail today:

Vegan Spoonie Food by Zappix Art!

Timing, right? Landing in the post box on just the right day. Hehe! And with some delicious sounding recipes inside as well. (Pancakes? Banana bread? Yes, please!)

I am sorry I didn’t actually get around to making myself any of these recipes, but I figure shining a spotlight on a lovely artist has to be the next best thing.

And with that, I bid you all a good night (Australia time)! I’ll be back tomorrow with some letter-writing goodness. Until then…

Others Joining In:

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Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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