Zine Review: Make Your Own Fun

Make Your Own Fun: A Zine About Making Zines
Kristyna Baczynski

Make Your Own Fun is an A5 black and white, risograph printed zine about zines.

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. Or maybe this will be your great place to start.

Make Your Own Fun opens where zines about zines often do: “What’s a zine?” I’m always curious about the answers to this question because they can vary so much. Kristyna touches on a bit of the history of zines, which I like reading about and think is a good idea. Zines are not a trend!

In nice, easy-to-read text laid out with fun art, Kristyna covers the more ‘traditional’ zine zine topics like folding, layout, and binding methods. They take these topics and more above and beyond both visually and content-wise.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find other topics like zine idea inspiration, different copying methods, and and even zine dust jackets. I really appreciated the spread ‘Blank Page Battle’ about how it can be difficult just to get started.

This zine is truly packed with all kinds of ziney information. It’s second only (in my zine-reading experience) to Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Kristyna has a great, fun art style that adds to the whole experience while also showing how creative zines can be.

Make Your Own Fun is a great zine reference, and one I recommend to anyone creating zines.

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