Zine Review: Cui Shirts Vol 1

Cui Shirts Vol 1
The Syncsters

Cui Shirts Vol 1 is a (roughly) 14cm x 14cm full colour photography zine taking a funny look at so-called fashion. In this volume, we have Cringe Shirts.

I review zines based on the zines alone, but I do love creative packaging. Cui Shirts arrived on a small clothes hanger. A clothes hanger! I love it so much. (Not to mention that it’s a green hanger, too.)

Spelling mistakes, strange sayings, random tassels… The shirts pictured in Cui Shirts will leave you shaking your head or having a good chuckle as you wonder what went through the mind of the people who dreamt them up. For someone like me who doesn’t know the first thing about fashion, I appreciated the ‘poke’ and laugh at current ‘fashion’.

I can’t write this review without mentioning the physical aspects of the zine, too. Nice smooth pages with rainbow backgrounds somehow just fit the feel of the zine, and the cover is printed on really cool, sort of holographic shiny cardstock.

All up, Cui Shirts is a zine with a creative presentation and enjoyable format. It’s as quick or as long a look through as you like and is a bit of fun that may leave you taking a closer look at what you have in your closet.

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