September: The Month of Zine Reviews!

Greetings from the zine cave!

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the week. My week is just flying by with heaps and heaps to do – not the least of which is…

A Month of Zine Reviews!

Cue dramatic music.

Yes, my friends, I’ve mentioned it on YouTube, I’ve mentioned it on the podcast, and now I’m writing about it here. After all, this site is my virtual base of operations, so I should put a little somethin’ somethin’ on site when I make decisions like these.

As I mentioned elsewhere, there are more zines coming my way that are specifically for review. I don’t like the prospect of making people wait too long for a review even though I know I could take it a bit easier on myself. (I hear y’all. Truly.) It’s with that in mind that I thought, “Why not a month of zine reviews? Why not one per day for September?”

And here we are. Well, not quite yet, but September (and spring!) starts this Sunday, and I am busy making sure that you will get 30 zine reviews in 30 days.

The usual stuff is going to happen – namely Happy Mail Monday and weekend calls for submissions. Plus the usual zine reviews happening this week on Thursday and Friday.

So that’s all I wanted to say. I’m feeling daunted but excited. Plus a generous helping of happy about the prospect of bringing so much zine goodness to you next month.

Until next time!

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