Zine Review: Real Friends and the Emoji We Use

Real Friends and the Emoji We Use
Imogen Dall

Real Friends and the Emoji We Use is an A6 full-colour zine about the emojis Imogen’s friends and family use the most and what their use really means.

“Because talking on the phone is weird and awful.”

Yes. Yes it is.

Real Friends opens with a funny homage to the show Law and Order that makes me chuckle every time I read it. I’d love to quote it, but I’d have to quote the whole thing – and that’s a bit of a spoiler. I’ll just say that anyone who watched the show will, at the least, get a smile out of it.

Imogen’s homage to their friends’ and family’s often-used emojis follows after this amusing intro. Each person gets their own coloursful page with their name, emojis, and the ‘true’ meaning of that person using those emojis. Mixed in with these ‘emoji profiles’ is a spread of obscure emojis (and what they really mean), the history of emojis, and a great conclusion. (There have been studies about emoji usage!)

I enjoyed this zine a lot. I’m a big fan of pastels, which are used throughout the zine. I’m so glad Imogen went with full colour for this zine because it puts the best kind of icing on this cupcake. I also really like the ‘decrypting emojis’ premise mixed in with plenty of humour as well as emoji facts.

Real Friends and the Emoji We Use is a nice mix of colour, humour, and facts. It’s a zine that left me smiling.

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