Zine Review: Kitchen Sink (everything but the)

Kitchen Sink (everything but the)
Habitual Novelties

Kitchen Sink (everything but the) is a full-colour A6 zine with reality-bending visual instruction guides.

From trees that grow… unusual ‘fruit’ to an especially complicated attempt at tying a tie, Kitchen Sink is a strange but fascinating mostly wordless zine. Each page features a different visual instruction guide. The guides all start off as you would expect, but they all end up with surreal conclusions.

This feels like an art series to me – a feeling made stronger by the details JR includes. In the front inside cover, you find all the information you could want about the zine – edition, print run, inks used, etc – and, in the back, you find an ‘About this Zine’ page as well as links and contacts. (All listed out so nicely and clearly. Thank you!)

I quite enjoyed this zine. Visual instructions, playing with expectations, the humour in some of the instructions… I felt like I was wandering around an art exhibition without leaving home.

I’m looking forward to checking out more from Habitual Novelties.

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