Zine Review: The Postcard Project

The Postcard Project
ESC Zine

The Postcard Project is an A5, full-colour zine of postcards (front and back) sent from around the world. Full disclosure: I sent a postcard in for this zine.

I love zines like these! Creating connections between complete strangers. Wonderful stuff.

The Postcard Project opens with a brief intro to the project – how it worked and how there’s no editing save for removing the postal addresses. What follows is a wide variety of fun, colourful, and sometimes strange postcards from zinemakers. Each spread is dedicated to one postcard with the front of the card on the left page and the back of the card on the right.

I didn’t really go in with any specific expectations of this zine and was happy to see the variety of not only postcards but of the messages too. Some wrote about their aspirations while others wrote about the history of where they live. A few write about what they’re reading and/or listening to.

Some of the handwriting is a little tough to read, as is likely to happen with a project like this. Still, it didn’t take any of the shine off the zine for me.

I mentioned how projects like these can create connections between otherwise complete strangers. However, I was very happy to see some familiar names in the mix as well. I do love a surprise collab with friends.

If you love these sorts of collaborations and/or mail art zines, then this is one for you.

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