Call for Submissions: Not a Boy

Not a Boy is a zine for genderqueer/non-binary/trans amab people who feel like standard narratives of trans woman experience just don’t fit.

My name is Clarissa and I’m a non-binary trans woman, which for me means that estrogen et al. make me feel for comfortable in my skin but I still don’t “feel” like a woman or even know what that would mean. I didn’t “always know” I was a woman, didn’t long to wear dresses as a child, and only like men in a really gay way. Years ago the only conclusion I could come to is “well, I’m not a boy…” I’ve met other amab people and trans women with similar feelings and stories about gender but I’ve never found a collection of us talking about this. So why don’t we make one?

So I’m looking to hear from other amab people with a variety of experiences with gender, self-perception, and sexuality. Give me your essays, your thoughts, your gender manifestos. Send in your art or comics that capture how you feel. Write the words you would have wanted to hear when you were a kid or what you wish you could say to every person who asks some crass variant of “what…are you?” And if you’re not sure if this zine is for your story, it probably is!

All contributors will get PDF both versions suitable for screen-reading and printing so that you can sell your work if desired.

I’ll be accepting submissions until the end of September. You can email them to Hope to hear from you!

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