Zine Review: Some Of The Reasons Being An Adult SUCKS

Some Of The Reasons Being An Adult SUCKS
Crash Reynolds

Some Of The Reasons Being An Adult SUCKS is a full colour A7 mini-zine about, well, some of the reasons being an adult sucks.

I do try to read zines in some sort of order resembling that which they arrived in, but sometimes a zine just speaks to what I’m dealing with in life, and I simply have to read it.

Some Of The Reasons Being An Adult SUCKS has a self-explanatory title. Inside you find small snippet reasons pasted onto alternating backgrounds. Listing reasons from your standard ‘doing dishes’ to more complex ones involving expectations, Crash really hits things right on in their usual style.

I did feel a bit sad reading this zine because it’s clear even in this mini how much people cause each other hurt by mere expectation of behaviour. I wish we could all just be a bit kinder to each other. As Australia looks at another postage rise in October, I also was right with Crash with being annoyed with pretty much everything to do with bills.

I think minis like this are important because it’s always, always nice to know you’re not alone. Even if it’s something you more or less know other people feel (no one actually likes bills, do they?), it’s still nice to see it acknowledged.

So get your nod on with another oh-so-true offering from Crash Reynolds.

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