Zine Review: Lizard People, Dear Reader. A DIY Guide to Searching for Weird Sh*t

Lizard People, Dear Reader. A DIY Guide to Searching for Weird Sh*t
Julia Eff

Lizard People, Dear Reader. A DIY Guide to Searching for Weird Sh*t is a black and white US size mini-zine about getting your spooky detective hat on and going out to find some weird sh*t.

Zines are a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons. This zine has been the treat candy bar that I’ve been stowing away for a day I’d need a pick me up because I knew I’d love it.

Lizard People doesn’t waste any time, jumping right into defining cryptozoology, cryptids, and UFOs. From there we jump into an impressively-thorough-for-a-mini-zine assortment of tips and tricks for getting out there and documenting the strange, weird, and unexplained. This zine really hits all the spots with what to bring, things for evidence collection, where to look and what to look for… I especially like the importance of taking good notes!

I adore mini-zines that use the ‘secret’ inside page to share something, and Lizard People’s inside page is awesome! Inside you find a map of the USA with all kinds of locations marked for various cryptids and the like, but also a heap of websites and other media to check out and a ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Bigfoot sticker as well!

I love it when a mini-zine is chock full of information, and Lizard People is a great example of that. If you have any interest in the strange an unexplained, then this mini is for you. And even if you don’t, it’s probably still for you anyway.

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