Zine Review: 10 Reasons I

10 Reasons I ❤ Zines (International Zine Month 2019 Day 16)
Hadass Bar Lev

10 Reasons I ❤ Zines is an A7 black and white mini-zine made for IZM 2019 about the ten reasons why Hadass loves zines!

All you need is zine love, right? Haha. What can I say? I love a zine about zines.

In this lovely mini, all you really need to know about it is in the title, right? In clear handwriting, Hadass lists out awesome reasons she loves zines. Usually I’d list a few out right now, but with only ten, I feel like that might be spoiling things a bit.

One thing I did want to note, though, is how much I adore the way zinesters have so much in common even if they don’t know it. When Hadass writes about ‘artivism’, I’m reminded of Feral Publication. And when she writes about being totally punk, I’m reminded of Billy. People will argue to the moon and back about whether there is such a thing as a real zine community, but I say holding mutual loves and ideas qualifies.

Plus, of course, there are reasons that resonated loud and clear with my view of zines.

This is a mini-zine in which to really pay attention to the backgrounds. They’re so much fun with little cartoon skulls in one background, a horror movie poster in another, and more. It reminded me a lot of zinester Miss Muffcake (more things in common!).

10 Reasons I ❤ Zines is a mini-zine in which you know what you’re getting in a general sense. But I think it’s always fun to read about peoples’ zine love, and this is a mini that I’m most happy to have in my collection.

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