ZineWriMo 2019 Day 14: Organisation Station: Organise Your Zines/Zine Supplies

Hello, zine friends, and welcome to this Thursday before the mid-month midpoint where today we are…

Organisation Station: Organise Your Zines/Zine Supplies

Zines! There are so many different ways of organising them – many of which I have tried over the years. Various containers and whatnot have been the home of my zines, but now, as I need to keep things more organised with incoming to review, incoming not for review, so on and so forth, a better system of keeping everything together has been needed.

Thankfully, beginning of 2019 Nyx got it all sorted out.

At the beginning of this year, I’d finally put together all the flat boxes I’d ordered at some point in 2018 to store all of my zines. I washi-taped and cut with glee until I finally had the system pictured above.

Oooh, those organised feels. Mmm.

And… well… this is still the system I use! The annoyance *still* is that I don’t have enough boxes. However, I am pleased as pie that this system set up over eleven months ago has still held up. I’m usually one for tinkering and changing things all over the place, but this system has really stuck for me.

The space in the picture is now where my Wall of Awesome now resides, but the boxes still function in the same way not far away from where they were in the picture. (No updated picture because the zine cave is a mess.)

How do you organise your zines? I absolutely love checking out people’s creative spaces, so be sure to leave me links in the description if you are showing off your space today.

Until next time – spread a little sunshine.

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