Zine Review: Do It Yourself Care #2: Self-Care During Heat Waves

Do It Yourself Care #2: Self-Care During Heat Waves
Nina Echozina

Do It Yourself Care #2: Self-Care During Heat Waves is a full-colour A6 mini-zine full of tips for taking care of yourself during heatwaves.

Given that there is currently a heatwave happening where I live (47C/116F forecast tomorrow), I think this is a great zine to dig into today.

Do It Yourself Care #2 opens with an introduction that I greatly appreciated. Nina writes about how addressing the problems of pollution and the like at the core is the ideal, but not everyone is able to join these fights and how we need to be able to survive to be able to be activists. I felt like it was a friendly nod to the fact that it’s okay to take care of yourself first.

From there Nina lists some tips for helping you to stay cool during a heatwave. I like that they are all fairly simple and easy steps to take that can make a big difference. I expected a mini-zine full of tips. However, I didn’t expect what came next: a playlist! Haha. It’s so fun and perfect, and it was a lovely surprise. I greatly enjoy trying new things, and a heatwave playlist is a lot of fun when you don’t want to move much.

In true fun Nina Echozina style, this mini unfolds to reveal a middle spread full of even more awesome tips for self-care during a heat wave. There’s a good variety of tips as well, from things that require a bit more energy to things that require less. I like this because it’s not all pre-heatwave prep nor is it ‘during heatwave measures’ to take.

And, of course, Nina’s neat, easy-to-read handwriting and awesome collage style is a pleasure.

This is definitely a zine to pick up. I don’t think it hurts to have tips on hand. Especially if you live in heat-prone areas.

One Reply to “Zine Review: Do It Yourself Care #2: Self-Care During Heat Waves”

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I’m glad the zine can be useful to cope with heat waves. I can’t even imagine what 47 C must be like! 😮 I wish you lots of courage and hopefully cooler days coming soon!


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