Hello & Happy 2020!

Hello, hello, and hello zine friends! A belated Happy New Year to you all and so many good wishes to you all for the year to come!

I hope you all had a wonderful wrap up to the year before and have had an excellent stop into this new year and new decade! There’s something magical to me about a new year, with hopes and dreams given a bit more space and power than they might otherwise. Hold onto those hopes and dreams, my friends. Hold them tight and don’t let them go.

The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 has brought to me some completely unexpected things, but I’m incredibly happy to say that they are good things. I wish I could share more, but I’m afraid there’s still too much wrapped up that I cannot share.

That being said, I have wonderful plans for this year. We all know how my plans tend to go, but I keep making them anyway. Haha. If everything goes well, there may be some overseas travel included, so crossing fingers…

I also have many dreams and plans for here on the blog, so please bear with me as I get ready and gear up for what’s to come. Sea Green Zines will be back in usual action this Monday.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

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