Zine Review: Colour Swatch Confessions Vol 1 & 2

Colour Swatch Confessions Vol 1 & 2
Latibule Art

Colour Swatch Confessions Vol 1 & 2 are A6 full-colour zines full of anonymous secrets, thoughts, and confessions on colour swatches.

As two small collections of loves, fears, and even a quote, Colour Swatch Confessions Vol 1 & 2 please my anonymous-confessions-loving heart. Straight into it, these zines open up to reveal the various handwritten confessions collected and put together by Latibule.

I love that the thoughts and confessions are written on colour swatches (paint sample cards). Not only does it make for a colourful zine, you can get into deeper thinking about such thoughts being written on things that are so briefly used and then put away.

Some of the darker colours are harder to read in low light, but it didn’t stop my enjoyment.

I think these zines (and zines like them) are more important than they might first appear. Not only are they a safe place to express yourself, they are a good way to remind yourself that so many of us are thinking about (loving, disliking, worrying about) similar – if not the same – things.

This is another one of those reviews where I think you’ll know if the zines are something you’ll enjoy. I recommend checking them out.

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