Happy Mail Monday – Old School Edition

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends! Hello, hello, hello.

So here we are… in text… for Happy Mail Monday…

Videos are definitely more fun, but I decided that an ‘old school’ photos and text post was better than a delayed post. This week is a very busy and stressful one for me. Instead of looking at things as purely black and white, can and can’t, I realised that I needed to look at things in terms of to what to degree things are doable.

I hope people aren’t too disappointed by pictures/text posts only!

The first bit of happy mail comes from the awesome Real Tioga!

Real Tioga is a fun ongoing series that collects clippings from a real community newsletter. It’s so much fun, and every issue makes me smile. Read my review of Real Tioga 7 here.

Thank you Real Tioga for sending the mail goodness!



Next in mail goodness, some of you would have seen these goodies at Festival of the Photocopier! (I knew she was sending some distro stock, so I opened the lovely package before I left for Melbourne.) Wonderful, lovely goodness from True Zine Marin!

TZM put together these amazing zine packs that come with stickers, a mini-zine, and a poster to colour in and send back to be included in a future zine. (You can send them to me. 🙂 )

There are also these packs about PETA and animal justice with a mini-zine and sticker goodness inside.

I was so, so happy to see the whole Murals of Marin set available for your mini-zine loving hearts, as I really enjoyed Murals of Marin 1 (read my review here) and may or may not have mentioned a few times to TZM that I’d love to see more. Lo and behold, the art series based around murals around Marin County in California are in existence!

Zines! Vol 2! This came from TZM as a belated Christmas present, to which I say, Merry Christmas TZM! Thank you so much. I have volume one, so I’ll have to check to see if there is a volume three for my completionist heart. Haha.

TZM took me by total and complete surprise with this gorgeous tote bag! Letters’ flowers, sparkle hearts – what’s not to love? And PURPLE! My phone is on its way out, so it really doesn’t do the gorgeous colours justice.

And more flowers on the inside! So colourful.

It went along perfectly with my other travel gear! And I really can’t thank TZM enough for the gorgeous happy mail and all of the support she has given to Sea Green Zines as well as me as a person.



A mini-zine from Anna Gecko! This little mini-zine has been made to celebrate 2019 (what a lovely idea!) according to the note (written on very nice texture paper, by the way). It’s wonderful to hear from you again and see that you’re still making zines! Thank you so much for the happy mail.



Next up is zine mail from a new zine friend – Charles Brubaker. Hello new friend! From first blush look Charles makes fun comics. Charles’ Twitter profile says “a cartoonist who draws cats”. Fantastic! A pleasure to meet you through happy mail! Thank you so much for sending me your comics. I’m looking forward to reading them.


Fishspit remains a dear, dear friend who is the king of envelope art! This lovely surprise has some back issues of his series Wiseblood – which has been running longer than I have been alive! The biggest of hugs to this wonderful human and huge thanks for the happy mail.


From the amazing Hadass comes this absolutely awesome assortment of zine goodness! Hadass is a super cool Riot Grrrrl living in Israel and creating amazing zines. I’m so, so happy to see such zine goodness in my post box. Thank you so much Hadass for all the goodness!



This happy mail comes from another new zine friend Happy Tree Cult Zine! Hello! At first blush look, the HLTC zine looks like a collab mini-zine with collage, comics and more. I’m looking forward to taking a closer look. Thank you so much for the happy mail.



Last but never least comes beautiful happy mail from Iestyn! A glorious package of zine goodness if there ever was one, and a note as well! There is a lot of fun happy mail along with my copies of The Seas anthology! There’s so much to enjoy because Iestyn is always working on or thinking about the next project. It’s fantastic!

Here’s a closer look at The Seas (soon to be listed in the distro). I’m so happy to have been a part of this collaboration all organised by Iestyn and still absolutely amazed that he saw something in my paintings (featured on the cover and inside) that I didn’t see. Keep an eye out for calls for submissions because Iestyn is an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you so much for the happy mail.




Thank you to all zine friends, new and old, for everything. It’s an honour and a pleasure to meet you and know you.

Best wishes.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine…

One Reply to “Happy Mail Monday – Old School Edition”

  1. You know what? I’ve got nothing against videos but I think I prefer this post format! Easier to get a better look at the zines and the info about them and better for people (like me) who find it easier to read through a post than to watch a video.

    At any rate, keep up the good work!

    Rick Bradford


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