Happy Mail Monday – Broken Pencil Pack Edition

Hello, zine friends! And welcome to another Happy Mail Monday old school style.

This week we have a pack of awesomeness all the way from Broken Pencil in Canada thanks to the generosity of the amazing True Zine Marin. Broken Pencil have different subscription packs so you can enjoy what they do online, offline, and some have extra goodies to enjoy, as well!

There were hiccups along the way that often come with international subscriptions, but Broken Pencil stuck it out and here we are with the Zine League goodness!

This issue of Broken Pencil is a bit of ‘on top’ of the Zine League package. My completionist heart hopes to get all the back issues of Broken Pencil for my collection. Haha

How cool is this?! I love a notebook, and this one has Zinemaker on it. Love. The book is by Broken Pencil founder and publisher Hal Niedzviecki – the novel The Program!

Pins! The pack also comes with these awesome pins with this fun art style. Paper airplane is definitely my favourite and all five went onto my pin display straight away.

Nothing like showing off your Zine League status (or zine-related apparel appreciation) with a t-shirt. 🙂 This art makes me smile because it appeals to my inner zinemaker as well as my introverted, anxious self as well.

(PS. It’s super, super nice when, in the event of t-shirts being offered, that there are bigger sizes.)

This order also included the beautiful zine goodness of the 2018 Winners of the BP Zine Awards . There’s so much goodness to enjoy – have a good long peek below…





Thank you so much to Broken Pencil for working out the logistics side of getting this from Canada to Australia, and thank you to True Zine Marin once more for your continued awesomeness.

That’s me for now today. I hope the start of the week brings you good things.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

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