Zine Review: mEN DO bleed too

mEN DO bleed too – my story as a man with endometriosis
Aubrey Dillion Sinclair

mEN DO bleed too is a black and blue A7 mini-zine about being a man with endometriosis.

Content warning (from the cover): blood, sex, some gendered terms, graphic content

mEN DO bleed too opens with Aubrey talking about their period experiences growing up and what they had to deal with medically to both find out they have endometriosis as well as dealing with ongoing treatment of it as a trans man.

As someone who deals with an incurable reproductive condition, Aubrey really had me from the start with this one. These conditions are so often dismissed and ignored, and to add on the difficulties of approaching ongoing treatment as a trans man on top of that had me wishing so many things were different about the system. However, there are silver linings to Aubrey’s story, though I will leave you to find out what they are.

I like the feel of this zine. It’s handwritten, hand drawn, and everything about it says it’s the zine of someone who made this to share a story they are passionate about sharing. The drawings – down to the little arrows guiding you from one page to another – add to the story in a pull at your heart strings sort of way. Some of the text is cut off, but most of it is easily sorted and read with a bit of unfolding.

mEN DO bleed too is a mini-zine reminder to not take anything for granted – especially not discussions of health topics that are so often gendered and can leave people feeling alone. One to check out.

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