Zine Review: Truly the Shittiest Archaeologist Ever

Truly the Shittiest Archaeologist Ever
Julia Eff – https://twitter.com/julia_eff
California Rachel – https://twitter.com/hitchcockienne

Truly the Shittiest Archaeologist Ever is a small, black and white accordion-fold zine of collected live tweets from California Rachel while watching the Indiana Jones trilogy.

I don’t remember why now, but when I was a kid, I loved the Indiana Jones movies. Before I was old enough to know how many things were wrong with them. Haha. Bring on the zine!

Truly the Shittiest Archaeologist Ever sets you off on a different to the norm adventure straight away with the accordion fold set up along with starting at the bottom of the accordion and reading up. Julia briefly introduces the zine – a collection of livetweets from California Rachel. What follows is a fun assortment of clippings that can also be a fun ‘when did that happen’ game if you haven’t watched the movies in a long time.

The tweets are hilarious, salty, and quite adult. Full of swearing, no holds barred statements, and other references, this isn’t a zine to leave around willy nilly. That being said, one of my favourites is the seemingly innocent:


As I mentioned, this zine is an accordion fold. I think it’s fun and works in a physical way to reinforce the Twitter feed look and feel of the zine. The tweets are small but are still quite easy to read even in lower light.

I think there is a little give and take with this one because I think you need to at least be familiar with the movies and be okay with the Twitter format in general. Being an adult is also pretty essential. Hahaha.

From its format to its content, I quite enjoyed this solid poke and prod at Indiana Jones. A fun one to have a look at.

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