What to do… What to do…

Hello, hello, and hello once more, zine friends! Greetings in this strange new landscape we find ourselves forced to encounter.

Usually I keep calls for submissions to the weekends only, but, with no mail to show today and the strangeness of the world (as well with a fair few people thinking about what to do with their new found time, I imagine!), I thought I’d put up a nice collection of calls that have come in recently.

If you have any calls, please let me know! I can add them in and get them rolling on the weekends, too. So click on that more tab (if you’re viewing this on the blog) and check out these calls.

Note: I’m extending the deadlines a bit for my three calls for submissions while I’m still trying to get caught up from work, so you still have time to get things in if you can asap!

Note: Send submissions to all zine calls below to selkiepub@gmail.com

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