Mini Zine Review: Sticky Stories

Sticky Stories
Saff Miro

Sticky Stories is a full-colour A7 mini zine of short stories based around stickers and washi tape used in the zine. Each mini is handmade and slightly different.

I love this idea. I adore it! Talk about taking prompted writing from a different direction. I only have one copy (edition? version?) of this zine (hand delivered by Saff at Festival of the Photocopier! ❤ ) so I don't know how much each zine varies. However, that simply makes me all the more curious and wanting to get my hands on another copy, so all the more wins to Saff in that regard.

As well as the idea itself, I enjoyed Saff's stories and sense of humour. The subtle tactile element that comes with it being the actual washi and stickers – as well as pretty sticky gems on the front cover – made is all the more fun. A unique zine for me to enjoy. (Hat tip to Ryan of Pocket Thoughts whose one-of-a-kind zine still makes me tear up in a good way.)

I think this is a lot of fun and a zine to check out for enjoyment as well as inspiration.

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