Happy International Zine Month 2020 Day 1! What’s a Zine?!

Hello, wonderful zine friends! It’s so lovely to be back once again for that lovely month of the year with a zine focus of all sorts of zine goodness happening in the universe. As I mentioned yesterday, the awesome and amazing Alex Wrekk has posted 2020’s list of daily activities!

(Pssst! Go here to download your own printable IZM 2020 poster!) For this fresh and lovely first day of the month we have…

Day One: What is a zine? Come up with a definition in your own words.

I’m going to be a little cheeky with this one, dear zine friends. I’m going to borrow my definition of what a zine is from my mini-zine on that very topic! It’s a very flexible definition, which gives me a giggle, but what are zines if not a myriad of things! So here we go:

A zine is a creation that is DIY, (often) self-published, (often) copied on a photocopier featuring any topic and/or art, and/or photography, and/or any number of combinations often made into some booklet type form.

Hahaha. That’s about as clear as soup and could include so many more things, that’s for sure. Trying to define zines as fun because I think anyone who really understands zines knows that we can try but we’ll never truly cover a full definition. And that’s absolutely okay.

That’s going to be it for me today, zine friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next activity!

***Note: I’m running behind as per usual but should have the full set of Instagram-friendly daily activity prompts ready by the weekend, if not before!***

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