Zine Review: goodbye 2019, hello 2020

goodbye 2019, hello 2020

goodbye 2019, hello 2020 is an A5 black-on-lilac zine about saying goodbye to 2019 and what Bree is (/was at the time of making) looking forward to in 2020.

Amongst hand-drawn swirls, shapes, and other fun art goodbye 2019, hello 2020 launches right into things on the front inside cover with an introduction to the zine. Bree writes about reflecting and focusing on the important reflections rather than comparisons on the achievements of others (that can often lead to feeling bad). From there, Bree launches to a 2019 year in review that includes fun/cool things they did in 2019, favourite songs, and more. The second half is about 2020: what Bree was/is looking forward to for the year as well as goals for the year.

Each page has text in an easy-to-read font accompanied by art that adds that adds to the fun feel given by the font. The aesthetic mixes a zine feel with a scrapbook/diary feel that makes me wish I’d thought to make a zine like this at the start of the year.

I really like that Bree kept to the thoughts they expressed in the introduction, filling the 2019 reflections with great experiences and memories. I was so excited to see that Bree made their first zine in 2019. (A belated welcome to the zineverse!) And favourite songs! Music is a great way to express yourself, of course, but it’s also like a YouTube music hunt when I see a play list in a zine. Bree also lists out projects they worked on (mostly zines) so that is also a fun way to get to know their interests and creations.

Given we’re already more than halfway through 2020 and the way this year has gone, I was very curious about how it would feel. Would Bree’s goals and things they were/are looking forward to have changed dramatically because of what’s happened in the world? There are things that must have changed, certainly, but there were a lot of things I’m sure Bree was able to still do. One fun note is that Bree was looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it turned out to be such an incredible hit.

I enjoyed this zine for the aesthetic as well as the feelings of optimism that came from it. I’d really love to see a ‘goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ zine from Bree next year about how they adjusted things and accomplished things given the unique challenges of the year.

Plus, I really like lists.

I think this is a nice, pleasant zine that you’ll enjoy if the things I’ve mentioned appeal to you. I’m also very curious about Bree’s other zines now, so even better!

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