Checking In

Checking in. 💜

I wasn’t sure about making the video, let alone posting it to YouTube. What’s too much information? What’s going too far? Is this what radical vulnerability is? What am I leaving myself open to by talking about my mental health issues?

But I’ve always been one who says you are not alone. I’ve always been about being open about my own issues because if it helped even just one person talk and reach out when they are struggling, then it’s always worth it.

So yesterday I posted the video about what’s been happening. Why I’ve been falling behind. Why I get teary pretty easily and have been trying to thank you all so much in previous videos but keep feeling like it’s not enough.

I reached out.

And you have been reaching back. 💜

I still don’t have the words to express everything… but perhaps ‘thank you’ will be enough for now.

I got out of bed. I made myself a cup of tea.

Upward and onward.

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