Mini Zine Review: Oh Shit I’m Gay

Oh Shit I’m Gay: Cartoon and Movie Characters That Made Me Realise I’m Queer
Zappix Art

Oh Shit I’m Gay is a full-colour, A7 one-page zine full of art that made Zappix Art realise they were queer.

So much COLOUR! I love it!

Oh Shit I’m Gay’s subtitle on the cover really covers it all, so Zappix launches right into things on the first page. Each page features a gorgeous full colour page with a character, the show/movie they are from, the year of that show/movie, and the character’s name. Zappix’s art style is so lovely, and suits every character included so very well.

I must admit that I felt a certain amount of satisfaction to see Shego from Kim Possible included in here because I thought Shego was so cool. Plus Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire!

I really love this mini. Gorgeous art, familiar-to-me characters, nostalgia, and so much colour… I’m so glad I picked it up.

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