Mini Zine Review: Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone

Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone
Echo Publishing

Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone is a full-colour one-page mini about Chainsaw Bunny’s feelings about people! Which may not apply to you…

Sometimes, I just ‘get’ Chainsaw Bunny. And sometimes, Chainsaw Bunny just ‘gets’ me.

This super fun mini features Chainsaw Bunny expressing their frustrations about people! But not all people. Not you. You can share carrots. Each page features CB in Nina’s fun art style in full colour. I’m struggling to find the words somewhat, but I loved how this hit the spot for me. Though not directly, it was a reminder to me to appreciate my wonderful friends all the more because they are awesome. Especially when other people are less so.

Like with many of Nina’s zines, I was delighted to find a little something something on the inside when I unfolded this zine. I won’t give it away, but it’s so much fun and made me a very happy bunny.

Truly, I recommend everything from Echo Publishing, but Chainsaw Bunny definitely has a special place in my heart.

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