Zine Review: Tips for being Baby

Tips for being Baby
Pebble, a baby

Tips for being Baby is a one-page black and white mini-zine full of baby tips for babies. From a baby.

This is a short and sweet review for a short and sweet zine – extra on the sweet. Tips for being Baby is a cute, text-only zine of baby tips broken up into sections like ‘eating food’, ‘making friends’, and ‘excellent things’. Each section has a number of fun little snippets to fit the category.

I’m not a parent, but I enjoyed this zine and found it quite adorable. I could see this sort of mini-zine being such a fun way of documenting your child growing up. It certainly have me a smile, and I only had the pleasure of meeting little Pebble once.

There are no socials or contacts on this one, but the cute wins the day. Plus I almost missed the secret inside and got an extra smile when I found it.

I think you’ll have a good idea of whether you’ll like this zine. It was a very cute little pick up in my day.

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