Zine Review: What’s it TEA you?

What’s it TEA you?
Shadree’s Den

What’s it TEA you? is a full colour, slightly smaller than A7 zine about tea.

Australia turned me into a tea drinker. Just putting that out there.

What’s it TEA you? launches right into the world of tea with an introduction to various tea types. White tea, yellow, tea, oolong, and more each have their own page. Each page features the tea type, a brief description, a white cup to show the contrasting tea colour, and a small picture of the tea itself.

I’m not at all knowledgeable when it comes to tea, so I found this easy-to-read zine quite helpful as a basics, 101 type of learning experience. I had no idea yellow tea was even a thing. I like that visuals were included as well, because I am definitely inclined to learn better when there’s some involved. While the descriptions are short, it actually helped me to finally get a grasp on why I like some kinds of teas and not others. (Oxidation is important!)

The addition of iced tea and bubble tea at the end made me smile. Trying out the latter is actually on my bucket list, so this served as a little reminder as well.

What’s it TEA you? is a fairly quick read that taught me a few things along the way. I quite like it, and I think it’d be a great little addition to a tea-themed gift or even as a stand alone to tea enthusiasts and tea newbs alike.

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