ZineWriMo Day 12 – Zine Review Day

Hello, zine friends! Yes, your fluffy zine enthusiast and reviewer is cheekily slipping in a prompt for you to review a zine too…

Review a Zine

Okay, so it was also super cheeky of me to put zine review day on a day when I usually review a zine anyway, but what can I say? Double the jam for one scone. Haha.

I think there is a lot of value to be had in singing your love of a zine (or analysis or…) from the rooftops, but also there is value to be found in examine one’s own reactions to things. Asking why you liked something, why something had an impact on you, so on and so forth. It’s with that in mind that I included reviewing a zine as the prompt.

Coming soon…


Other Participants:

*Echo Publishing
*Rachel Getts

Get the full list of prompts and find out what this whole ZineWriMo thing is all about here.

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