Zine Review: Isolation Resurrect

Isolation Resurrect
True Zine Marin

Isolation Resurrect is a full-colour, a bit wider than A5 collage zine.

Collage is a lot like poetry for me: I know what I like, but explaining why I like it is difficult.

Set on maps as backgrounds, Isolation Resurrect features collages made from cut out paper elements, mail-related bits, stickers, and more. There are few words in this colourful collection (those used having impact) but plenty to pour over visually from page to page.

Using the title as the base, I really picked up on the quarantine/isolation feelings from this zine. Using the maps as backgrounds is an excellent choice and visually represents huge part of the change of view in our new world. Travel, going places, road trips… They’re all different. The same goes for the collages on top. The importance of mail, filling up one’s time…

What really makes the tone stick for me is the distinct glimpses of the darker side of these times as well. A few words and a few images make a big impact.

My favourite page is a tough call in this, but I really love this quote:

“Be welcome to and offer help as we are healed by it”

Isolation Resurrect is an interesting collage zine that made me feel and made me thing. All said and done, that’s always the goal with art. Definitely a keeper for me.

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