Zine Review: Alternative Incite No. 1

Alternative Incite No. 1: Follow the Creative Impulse
Joe3 Et al.

Alternative Incite No 1 is a slightly wider than A5 black and white collection of photography and written pieces on a number of subjects.

Alternative Incite opens with a piece about censorship and taboo words: “Introduction: Jesus Christ and Jeepers Creepers”. Talk about an excellent opening for someone like me (cue a The F Word zine reference here haha). The piece is well argues and works back into the title as well as themes of not being mainstream and creativity for creativity’s sake.

From there we have photography and more written pieces primarily created by Joe3. Other pieces include reactions to articles Joe3 has read, a piece on the changing societal views through a generational eye by J. Matthew Smith, an interview with Suvo Sur, and more.

What an intriguing zine! If you want a zine with pieces that will get your mind turning, this is one to check out. I found myself going slower and slower while reading (a good thing) and pausing here and there to contemplate the thoughts and opinions presented as well as my own. The pieces touch on many different topics, but they all have a ‘world view’ kind of feel to some extent.

I found the overall voice of the zine to be intelligent and well-written without getting too ‘heavy’ or ‘dense’. The ‘Dear Butter Lamb’ section with letters from readers even made me smile with the answers using references from different dictionaries. (Have I mentioned that I think it’s cool that Joe3 collects dictionaries?)

All up, I enjoyed this zine quite a lot. Even better? This is the first of a new series. I hope it continues for many more and includes the elements Joe3 mentions wanting to include.

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