Done, Doing, Dreaming

Hello and a happy mid week to you all from the somewhat steamy land of Oz. (Humidity. Ew.) Times are busy here in the zine cave, and it feels good to be so. What have I been up to?


*Happy Mail Monday is done and posted! I mean, yes, you saw that Monday, but I’m so happy. Partly to start getting back to some sort of normalcy but also because, yes, it means the computer has arrived! I’m still setting it up, but it’s been brilliant so far. It’s been nearly a decade since I updated anything, so everything is working smoother and faster.


*Resting… sort of. Resting isn’t really a strength of mine, but I’d still say I’m mostly recovered from the whole kidney stone thing, thank goodness. Those things can cause so much trouble, and I’m lucky mine passed without any lasting damage.

*Zine reviews! I’m still very behind, but I’m starting to get ahead. I also still want to do some… something so I’m posting more of them to catch up. People have been amazingly patient.

*SGZ Pages – I think the pages here on the blog could use some updating. I know links to other zine spaces and places could use updating, so if you are a zinemaker, have a zine shop, run a zine related page or blog – please let me know because I’d love to add you to the list.

*Review Index – This hasn’t been updated in way too long, so I’ll be working on updating it and making sure all of the links work.

*Distro! This definitely needs to be rebuilt, and soon. I’ve taken way too long.


*Button machine! Thanks to the awesomeness of True Zine Marin, Sea Green Zines now has a button machine. I’m so excited and have so many dreams of different buttons I can make. I need to get the swing of the machine going by my first buttons, but there may be some SGZ-made buttons coming to my shops soon.

*I’m still dreaming of finishing up Phenomena 2, Workaholic 2, Dear Anonymous 9, and Dear Anonymous 10. I thought I’d be able to finish them before the end of the year, but, at this point, I really have no idea. I’m trying to get as much as possible done each day.

*I’m dreaming of a few new personal zines as well as some things to add to the YouTube channel… but they are all definitely well within dreaming territory for now.


Upward and onward right? I have more plans starting to bubble to the surface as I start to get organised. I want to build things in a say that will let me be as consistent as possible, so I’m taking it slowly.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

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