Zine Review: Postmodern Witchcraft

Postmodern Witchcraft: How to Brew Calm, Hex Stress, And Exorcise Your Social Media
Imogen Dall

Postmodern Witchcraft is a full-colour A5 zine about “how to brew calm, hex stress, and exorcise your social media”.

It’s a stressful, stressful world, and a little calm can go a long way. From the moment I opened this zine to see a primarily lavender purple table of contents spread, I started to calm down.

Postmodern Witchcraft is comprised of five sections: Magic Potions, Ache Enchantments, Digital Exorcisms, Stress Soaks, and Conjuring Spells. Each section is set up beautifully with easy-to-read fonts, colourful art to accompany the easy-to-read text, and a nice layout overall.

I enjoyed every part of this zine both aesthetically as well as in content. A guest to de-stressing is always welcome and valuable to me. I’m looking forward to trying some of the suggested brews as well as putting some of the digital suggestions into practise.

One thing that played on my mind a little is that I’m not a practising witch. With that said, I think this zine is a ‘lighter on’ take on witchcraft and shouldn’t be approached with the expectations you might have with a zine like Brainscan 35. For example, one of the ‘stress soaks’ involves pouring a glass of wine to drink while taking your bath. But hey, wine in the bath can be its own ritual, and I like some humour in my zines. But I don’t know if a practising witch will take it differently or whether Imogen is a practising witch.

This is a fun zine with a beautiful design and layout. (What can I say? In another life I studied graphic communication.) The suggestions sound good (bring on the comfort brew), sound fun, cover a range of things, and make for a chill reading experience overall. Definitely called for today.

Another one to check out from Imogen and Big Face Goods.

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