Zine Review: The Adventures of Punk Bird 4

The Adventures of Punk Bird 4
Punk Bird

The Adventures of Punk Bird 4 is a US quarter-sized black and white comic zine about the origins of Punk Cat and how some people should really think more before they adopt a pet.

This issue of Punk Bird takes a different path by focusing on Punk Cat. Punk Cat has a great start by getting adopted but all too soon faces a fate far too many furry friends face… when the little one is abandoned. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, with the usual Punk Bird flair that makes it even better. I won’t spoil things any more than that though.

I enjoyed this issue of Punk Bird. It is a touching story with an important message (pets are forever!) that still works in some Punk Bird humour. I especially enjoyed the character reference that links back into issue three. It felt like a little Easter egg worked in. This issue also showed that the series can ‘wander’ a bit from the usual while still tying well into the series as a whole.

I am very much looking forward to where Punk Bird goes from here.

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