Zine Review: All in Your Head 5: Queer Crip Survival

All in Your Head 5: Queer Crip Survival
28 pages

All in Your Head 5: Queer Crip Survival is a full-colour, US-sized half-fold collab zine of words, comics, and art around the theme of survival through the scope of of sexuality, neurodiversity, and disability.

After reading All in Your Head 4, I was looking forward to what I would find in this issue…

All in Your Head 5 opens with two collages, and I have to say: “No spoons left. Just knives” has been stuck in my head since the first time I read it. I need it on stickers.

From there we go into pieces about survival against mental illness and against other medical odds. A comic about anxiety as a cat made me smile as both someone who loves cats as well as someone who deals with anxiety.

The Privilege of Self Care really spoke to me. While I support people comforting and taking care of themselves, I have often thought that ‘care’ is often the realm of those with a larger disposable income than mine. I like the intentions in self-care, but Sam’s thoughts and the list of no-cost, low-risk ideas for self-care that followed was so much more on my level.

The majority of pieces in this issue are poetry. I have mentioned many times how poetry makes me a little nervous. That said, I could really feel the strong emotions in each in each poem. I picked up on the survival against the odds tones.

Words are set into colourful backgrounds, and other pieces stand as presented on their own. There is even a photo submission for this collab.

When I finished reading this zine, I found myself wanting more thought pieces like The Privilege of Self Care. That said, I once again dove right into this zine and enjoyed the thought-provoking journey it took me on.

All in Your Head 5 is a zine that makes me feel all the stronger that I need issues 1-3 in my life. I’m looking forward to diving into the next one.

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