Zine Review: Adventures in Gender

Adventures in Gender
8 pages

Adventures in Gender is a full-colour A5 zine about a unicorn exploring the magical world of gender identity.

I don’t think it matters how old you are; sometimes you like to approach a new subject gently and kindly. With flowers. Definitely flowers.

Adventures in Gender opens with our lovely unicorn deciding it wanted to know about this thing called gender. From there it encounters some difficulty, but there are also many lovely characters who represent different ways of being like Amber the genderfluid merperson.

Shei’s zines are always fun to look at, and this one especially so. There is so much colour, and Shei uses primarily sketches which are so flowy and fun (even when depicting the onion of cisnormativity).

I can see this as a fun and comfortable way for people to start approaching these topics. Especially for younger people. Even better? There is a page of resources in the back.

If you’d like to introduce yourself to the subject in a very first steps, fun, colourful way, then this zine is for you.

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