Zine Review: Weird Fruit

Weird Fruit

Weird Fruit is a 10.9x9cm full colour zine about strange but real fruit.

I don’t know what it is about winter or maybe a lot of rain, but I am all about mandarins. Yummy yummy fruit. Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to reviewing this zine today.

Weird Fruit is one page folded and opens right into a collection of six different kinds of fruit that are weird (and interesting, by my judgement). Each page is dedicated to one with the name, description points about the fruit and a drawing of the fruit itself featured.

I really liked this zine even more than I thought I would. Education is that much better when you’re having fun, and there are even two fruit that I’d never heard of before – rambutan and Buddha’s hand. Each fruit has a few facts about it. Sometimes what type of fruit it is, what it’s also known as, and/or what it smells like. Very helpful, as one of the fruit is said to taste similar to pineapple, and I really don’t like pineapples.

Weird Fruits is exactly what it says on the cover, and I enjoyed it. I like learning new things, and the bite-sized portions (there was no pun intended when I started typing that, but I see it now) of facts is perfect for me.

I’m not exactly sure where, if anywhere, you can grab this zine right now. But if you like fruit and being adventurous, grab it if you see it.

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