International Zine Month Day 3 – Updated Virtual Zine Events List

Hello zine friends! Day three of International Zine Month touched on virtual zine events happening around the world – and in our own living rooms! I didn’t really know of many happening. But thanks to help from Instagram friends, I have a slightly longer list. I wanted to post it and spread the word!

*Street Cat Zine Fest is an in-person zine fest. However, while it isn’t virtual as such, there is a mail in option that helps you participate without having yourself in front of a table. Check out all the details on Instagram or Street Cat Zine Fest

*The Brooklyn Art Book Fair is going virtual! You can check it them out on Instagram or the Brooklyn Art Fair website

*Queer Zest Zine Fest (love the name!) is getting ready for an amazing virtual event August 7th and 8th! Be sure to check out the website for all the zesty details.

*Applications are now open for the Sick and Disabled Fair happening in September. Be sure to get your applications in by the end of the month.

*The Virtual Swansea Zine Fest happened in May, but you can still take a look at the facebook page which has videos from the event.

*Festival of the Photocopier online opened early this year, but the beauty of virtual zine fests is that they can keep going! Check out the site.

*Virtual Portland Zine Symposium is happening this month! Mark the 24th and 25th on your calendar!


And there we have the updated list! If you have more to add, please feel free to let me know!

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