Zine Review: Mummies: A Zine About the Dead

Mummies: A Zine About the Dead
Arinn Westendorf

Mummies: A Zine About the Dead is an A6, black and white zine about various mummies found around the world.

An educational zine about mummies with perzine elements included. Count me in.

Mummies opens to some socials details (thank you!) and a cover page before launching right into what we’re here for: mummies! Each spread features a drawing of the mummy on one page and a short description on the other. The description includes the mummy name, approximate date of death, date of discovery, and location followed by what the featured mummy means to Arinn.

Something about Arinn’s drawing style reminds me of Bedtime Stories on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/BedtimeStoriesChannel) – haunting and a little cold, which is so appropriate for the subject matter. Having the drawings of the mummies to go along with the details is a great idea and not only makes it have more impact with the readers but also gives the zine a complete feel that the zine would definitely lack without them.

Mummies aren’t really a passion of mine by any means, but I found this zine a very interesting read. I liked getting a glimpse of knowledge about the mummies and to see them, but more interesting was the impact that each mummy had on Arinn and Arinn’s fascinations with mummies overall.

Mummies: A Zine About the Dead is an interesting mix of educational, art, and perzine. Check it out.

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