Zine Review: Fuck You

Fuck You
Weirdo Brigade

Fuck You is a US one-page-folded, full colour mini zine basically repeating the title in fun, colourful ways.

I write a lot of serious reviews here, but I have been absolutely full-on cranky all week, so I wanted to check out something that made me laugh. I’m all for spreading sunshine, but I have some saltiness too, and this zine fit my mood perfectly.

Fuck You is a quick read mini with different ways to say ‘fuck you’ set with colourful drawings and backgrounds. There’s no real start or end other than the front and back covers. I don’t know if WB had anyone in particular in mind when they made this, but I love how general it is. If I was a bolder person, I could absolutely see myself carrying multiple copies and handing them out to people who were being… less than kind.

There are no zinemaker details on here, which is usually a sticking point of mine. With this zine, however, I think it’s fitting. The message is the message, and it feels complete just as it is.

There’s something about swear words and rainbows paired together that makes me smile. Paired with a cranky week, this zine made for the perfect release of feels in zine form.

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