Zine Review: Campervan Honeymoon

Campervan Honeymoon
Kristin Stadum & Johnnie B Baker
20 pages

Campervan Honeymoon is a US-sized, half-fold, zine scrapbook from Kristin and Johnnie’s honeymoon around Western Australia.

Is it weird I’m reading a zine featuring one of my neighbour states that I’ve never been to? Or would that only have been weird pre-2020?

Campervan Honeymoon opens with a brief introduction from (forgive me, but I am assuming what handwriting style belongs to whom) Johnnie about how a deal on round trip tickets to Australia decided the destination for their honeymoon. Kristen’s previous visits to Australia determined where they’d travel on the continent.

From there we have a combination of maps, pictures, notes, tickets, and other ephemera to create this scrapbook telling of their trip up the coast of Western Australia. Kristin writes most of the notes and writes them in a cliff notes style that I appreciate. The zine has a nice balance of written notes and other ephemera.

Speaking of the notes, Kristin and Johnnie don’t hold back. The first kangaroo they spotted was a dead one, petrol prices are often ridiculous, and there are just way too many bugs. I like the realistic diary keeping rather than a rose-coloured glasses account. I also love that they not only create the memories but the zine elements together as well.

I compare this to a scrapbook because it’s very much one with various things pasted onto the page like the scrapbooks I used to keep as a teenager. Johnnie’s handwriting is a touch hard to read at points and there is a picture that is a little dark for the laugh I think it could get for non-Australians (for whom ‘thong’ means something a bit different!). But nothing really stopped me from enjoying the zine.

Kristin writes about being tired along the way, and I totally understand those feelings from having packed many things into small trips along the way. But this takes on new meaning – and the zine itself takes on a new special level of meaning, when you read the last page.

I won’t give it away, but the sentiment becomes all that much longer, and living life to the fullest becomes all the more important a lesson after reading the final page.

Campervan Honeymoon was written in 2019 – a year that feels so far away now. But while we still have travel restrictions on, I enjoyed travelling to WA vicariously through Kristin, Johnnie, and their zine.

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