Zine Review: The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone
4 pages (one page folded mini-zine)

The Danger Zone is a yellow, black and white, one page folded mini-zine about dangerous zones in life.

Okay, so I fully admit that this zine made me smile the first time with the title alone because I thought of Archer (the adult cartoon) ‘Danger Zone’ running gag. Ahem. Carrying on.

The Danger Zone opens with the dangerous (or ‘dangerous’ depending on how you look at them and all the possible outcomes) zone of hitting send on an email before you press send. Been there. Done that. Definitely regretted it. This sets the tone for the rest of the zine, with each page featuring an all too familiar danger zone of life along with a drawing that goes with that danger. Each drawing also has a splash of yellow-gold, giving each page a bit of pop.

This is a short and sweet zine that I really enjoyed and flipped through quite a few times. It’s one of those zines that remind me to slow down and take notice of life – not just because of potential dangers but because of potential smiles as well. I definitely like this fun mini and really want to check out the rest of Kali’s zines now.

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