Mini-Zine Review: How to Draw Doctor Strange (made easy!)

How to Draw Doctor Strange (made easy!)
Eric Sobel
12 pages

How to Draw Doctor Strange is a black ink on orange paper mini zine guiding you the process of “impressing your friends and family with a Doctor Strange drawing made with your own two hands!”

“Greetings! You’ve begun your journey…”

Indeed I have! How to Draw Doctor Strange opens with a fun greeting from Eric that made me smile with fun as well as encouragement. From there we go through the steps it takes to create your own at least passable rendition of Doctor Strange.

I must admit I expected more of a ‘draw this line, make this curve’ sort of drawing instruction specific to Doctor Strange. Keeping in mind that I’m not sure when, if ever, I last read drawing instructions. That said, I was very happy to find Eric giving advice as well as direction. Eric writes about how eyes are a mater of ratios and ears are weird. It made me feel like I could take this advice beyond the Sorcerer Supreme and start practising other faces as well.

This zine also surprised me with the layout. It’s not one page folded but rather cut pieces of cardstock stapled together. (With the staple ‘teeth’ on the inside – thank you!) I like the extra work put into it and also appreciate the sturdiness as I can take it with me to practise when I’m out and about.

How to Draw Doctor Strange is a great little zine with great general drawing advice as well as instruction for drawing Doctor Strange specifically. I enjoyed it a lot and will be referencing it in the future, as I would like to learn how to draw well.

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