ZineWriMo Day 26 – Set Your Zine Free

Hello and happy Friday, zine friends! And what a beautiful Friday it is. The sun is shining and the breeze is refreshing here in this little patch of Oz. What a beautiful day for sharing.

Set Your Zine Free – Give away your zine or leave it somewhere to be found

As much as I would love to send out as many physical copies of my zines all around the world… postage is what it is. However, I would still like to set my zines free. So from here until the end of the month (and probably a little longer as I tend to forget these things), you can get a copy of the very first 24 Hour Zine Thing in PDF form by clicking on the link here:

24 Hour Zine Thing 1

Please enjoy and have an absolutely beautiful weekend.


Stop by and say hello to other participants:

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